High school sweethearts – these two were made for each other! Since Christie was a little girl she always said that one day she will get married on the beach and so they did! Everything does not always go according to plan and unfortunately William had to get an operation a week before the wedding,  but when you see the two of them together you will understand when I say NOTHING …


Another beautiful wedding held at The Grand in Patensie! The nice thing about a small town wedding is that everybody jumps in and contributes where they can, so much love going around! Mare-Lee was such a pretty bride and Johan could not keep his eyes off her. These two were such a pleasure to work with! May you experience much love and happiness in your married life together xx


Cindi & Sylvanus got married at the beautiful Lombardini Game Reserve. My goodness I cant get over how absolutely gorgeous this bride is! Such a sweet couple, perfect light and so much love….how lucky can I be? May your journey together be filled with love and happiness! xx


I am so blessed to have clients as amazing as Bryan & Natasha! So much love in my heart for these two, definitely a wedding that I won’t forget! They came all the way from Natal to get married at The Rosebarn, and personally I don’t think they could have found a more romantic set up anywhere else. So without further ado….the fantastic wedding of an even more fantastic couple!!  


This amazing beach wedding at Fynbos / Eersterivier took me on a rock climbing adventure, but so worth it! Choosing my favourites was challenging, I just love them all so much! Such a beautiful couple! Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day….so very blessed!


What a wonderful time spent capturing the love fest of Daren & Tracey-Lee. The wedding was held at The Grand in Patensie.  I love being being a part of all these beautiful love stories. Wedding season can get a bit hectic sometimes but when I sit in front of my computer, looking back at all these special memories, I cant help but feeling super blessed. Thank you for asking me to …